Questions and Answers (sticker)

Are the stickers cut along the outline of the pattern?
Yes, our stickers are cut exactly along the outline of the pattern. This ensures that the sticker remains in the perfect shape when detached from the backing paper. The stickers do not have a white border around the pattern, thanks to which they look beautiful on any color of the wall.

How to clean stickers?
Stickers can be cleaned with a soft cloth with a little water.

On what surfaces should you not use wall stickers?
Wall stickers are great for decorating any room. However, there are surfaces where they should not be placed. The adhesive on the sticker will not adhere well to these surfaces and the sticker may peel off quickly.

  • Walls covered with plaster or textured paint
  • Unpainted plasterboards, freshly painted walls (stickers can be applied 14 days after painting) or unfinished wooden surfaces
  • Walls painted with some stain-resistant paints (washable, latex, etc.) - contact the manufacturer of your paint for information on its impact on self-adhesive decorations