Sticking instructions - product card

The application of our wall stickers is very simple and fast according to the principle of "peel and stick".

The surface on which the stickers are applied must be completely smooth, clean, dry and dust-free. The stickers must not be applied to freshly painted walls. Min. 14 days. Recommended application temperature: above 18 ° C (indoors).

We recommend applying large parts of the sticker with the help of another person.

  1. Carefully peel off the selected item from the sheet
  2. Stick it in the chosen place
  3. Press down on the sticker with a soft cloth, starting from the top and moving downwards, paying particular attention to pressing the sticker around its edge

In the case of applying stickers on surfaces covered with stain-resistant paints (washable, latex, etc.), contact the manufacturer of your paint for information on its effect on self-adhesive decorations.

Due to the high strength of the adhesive, the stickers may damage the delicate surfaces they were attached to when dismantled.

For safety reasons, never place stickers over the baby's cot.