Wall stickers for kids


    Which wall stickers should you choose for children?

    Wall stickers from MagicalRoom® are a great way to quickly decorate a child's room. They are inexpensive and easy to stick to the wall without the use of special tools. They are an inexpensive alternative to painting or wallpapering walls. You can choose from hundreds of wall sticker designs including African animals, rabbits and sea animals. Our stickers are not only for decoration, but also to educate children about the world around them. World map stickers and stickers with animals are great educational tools, helpful in learning for every child.

    What stickers to choose for a girl's room?

    Girls love to decorate their rooms, with them in mind, we have prepared several beautiful collections in which you will find, among others, colorful flowers, horses and a nice rabbit family.

    • Flowers from the Gorgeous Peony and Fantasy Garden collections look great in every girl's room and are easy to stick on. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits perfectly in your daughter's room.
    • Wild horses from the Wild Horses collection. If your daughter loves animals, these horse wall decals will be a great addition to her bedroom or playroom. They come in a variety of sizes so you can find one that fits her room.
    • And the most popular stickers are those with rabbits from the Rabbit Family collection. The rabbit family will make every girl feel happy and safe. If you want to give a gift to a girl, choose one of the stickers with happy rabbits.

    What stickers to choose for a boy's room?

    A boy's room is a place of adventure and discovery, so it should be decorated with things that will interest the little explorer. You will find many different stickers for boys' rooms in our store. The main difference between them is the theme. Some of the most popular boy's room sticker themes are space, animals, and planes and flying balloons.

    • Space and Planets from the Space Travel collection is a very popular topic among boys because it is something that interests them. Boys can pretend to live on a spaceship or discover stars in their room.
    • Stickers with airplanes and flying balloons from the In The Sky collection will be perfect for every boy's room. They can be used on walls or furniture. The stickers will turn a boy's room into a sky-high adventure.
    • Many parents choose stickers with African animals. One of the most popular motifs of boys' room stickers is Africa from the African Animals collection. The sticker sets have many animals that are familiar to children. Animal stickers can be used to create a safari in a boy's bedroom.