MagicalRoom® for the planet

Among the values ​​of MagicalRoom ® , concern for nature plays an important role. We try to be pro-ecological and support organizations that deal with this topic on a wider scale. We are aware of the threats that our planet has to face and we want to instill this awareness in others as well. Find out about our ways to build the ecological image of our company.

Every year on June 5 is World Environment Day . This is the moment when everyone turns their attention to the need to protect nature. Numerous actions are directed to individual individuals and companies in order to spread awareness that everyone can have an impact on reducing the pollution of our planet. Technological development and growing consumerism require the implementation of additional measures. By taking certain steps in everyday life, we are able to minimize the damage so that we can still live in harmony with nature.

Fortunately, the public awareness in this area is growing every year. Regular actions bring visible results. Within a few years, daily waste segregation, saving water and reducing the use of plastic bags have become the norm.

Raising environmental awareness around the world is now a topic of great importance. That is why the MagicalRoom ® brand cares every day to minimize the negative factors affecting the nature around us. What's more, we want to spread certain rules and publicize the need to search for solutions that support the natural environment.

Pro-ecological activities of MagicalRoom®

We are a responsible company and we strive to ensure that our procedures are exemplary. Here's what we do with the Earth and all creatures living on it in mind:

  • We pack our products in biodegradable materials - we limit the amount of plastics in our product packaging to the necessary minimum. These packages are based on recycled cardboard. We attach great importance to the possibility of reusing raw materials and reducing waste production. An additional advantage of cardboard is the fact that it is fully biodegradable.
  • We limit the use of plastic when packing parcels to the necessary minimum - we pack orders for shipping in such a way that they are safe, limiting to the necessary minimum the use of bubble wrap, foil bags, stretch foil, artificial fillers, polypropylene adhesive tapes. Instead, we use ecological recycled cardboard boxes, paper fillers, and paper adhesive tape. Thanks to this approach, we do not contribute to the landfills that are growing in plastics. We know that most of the elements of our packaging can be successfully placed in the blue bin with recyclable waste.
  • We use energy-saving bulbs - the production halls in our company are illuminated with energy-saving LED bulbs, which are recyclable. They do not contain mercury, lead or other heavy metals harmful to health and the environment. Another advantage of light emitting diodes is low power consumption and long service life. Thanks to this solution, we reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. Due to the fact that LED bulbs are changed much less often, we produce less waste.
  • We provide financial support to environmental organizations - we treat the statutory activities of such organizations very seriously and it is extremely important for us to help them. Their members are people who want to improve the ecological situation, and thus improve the quality of life and health of all of us.

We help build environmental awareness

By showing how we care for the environment , we want to encourage all our customers to do the same. Small steps, symbolic endeavors, and sometimes even just changing habits can do a lot of good. There is strength in the group , so if 1000 people give up 1 plastic bag, in favor of a paper bag, we will already have 1000 less bags in the landfill. Do not think of yourself in this category as an individual, but as one link in the entire chain.

Our active commitment to nature conservation is also reflected to some extent in the product designs. Wall stickers with botanical motifs are also symbols that pay tribute to beautiful nature. People who like to surround themselves with plants and feel one with them willingly reach for them.

We also want to instill in people a love of nature and a sense of unity with all creatures that share this planet with us from an early age. This is why our offer includes a collection of wall stickers and a series of posters with forest animals. Children who treat deer, foxes, bears, and hedgehogs as friends, as adults, are more likely to be respectful of them.

We act responsibly

Many entrepreneurs focus on their financial results, on increasing sales and minimizing costs. In the heat of the fight against the market and competition, they forget what is really important . No money can help to patch the ozone hole and fix what mankind has destroyed for hundreds of years. Our company takes responsible actions, we constantly strive to run our business in harmony with nature . We are aware of how our daily routines can affect the surrounding ecosystem. We care about nurturing the environment and surrounding it with care.